Birken Wrap Tools

birken felt edge squeegee

Birken felt edge squeegee, claims to be the longest lasting squeegee ever made. A special material that having many specific features sewn on the smart plastic.

The special resistance to abrasion of the Birken felt increases the life of the felt considerably. It has become the most durable material with this feature.

The biggest disadvantage of standart felt edge squeegees is that the dusts accumulated in the felt will draw the foil which has been processed over time.

The most important feature of Birken felt is that it is resistant to water and dust. Through to its water resistance, it provides the advantage of being washed and reused against dusting.

While it is attached by sewing method, it provides superior abrasion resistance and more smoothness on the foil compared to standard felts.

It is designed to be both durable and smooth with the combination of Birken felt and smart plastic technology.

There are various colors of plastic and Birken felt. The optimal hardness has been achieved with the 12 years expertise, for the person applying the foil and this quality has become the standard in every product.

At the request of customer we make embossed with mold your logo on the plastic.