How to Apply Vinyl?

How to Apply Vinyl?

Is foil application easy? We all do both car wrapping and window film tinting, but did we ask the right question?

As a result of car wrapping which have become more popular recently, many companies entered the market and undertook car wrapping works. Of course, this problem has affected the quality of the work done nicely.

Outdoor Advertising Revolution

As technology evolves, there are improvements in consumer products, and the importance of human skills decreases further. Because developments have always been aimed at making things easier.

For many years, people who work in advertising can easily understand, foil coating was a very difficult job in the past and requires high skill. Air bubbles, foil folds, non-stick, foil explosion, such as then everyone knows the situation.

Step 1.

Widely used in printing foil rolls 152 cm x 25 cm dimensions and features vary according to the brand. Deciding which job to use, it is necessary to choose from cast, one way vision, transfer foil and window film types. All of them have different purpose and are produced specially for those works.

Therefore, it’s not correct to use conventional printing foils to wrap the car. These printing foils aren’t used on inclined surfaces because of their low elasticity and tear strength.

Step 2.

The place where the vinyl will be applied must be cleaned. Otherwise, full adhesion will not be achieved and the life of your application will be very short. Cleaning the oil, dirt and dust layer on the surface can maximize the adhesion strength.

It is very important to use the solutions and cleaners produced for surface cleaning. When cleaning with other chemicals, it can remove dust, but the adhesive of strenght can decrease on the surface.

For the best results, we recommend Merken Cleaning Solution.

Step 3.

If you are in the car wrapping business, removing the removable parts of the vehicle and getting the vehicle ready will save you time. The routine preparation work for the other works is to prepare the foil and have the necessary tools.

Some starters realize that after starting, they do not have a squeegee or bring a utility knife. It is important to have the tools and equipment ready so that all preparation is not garbage.

You need to know a bit of mechanics in the car wrapping business, the bumper, rear view mirrors and doors may not be as easy to remove.

Step 4.

Application planning. This process is particularly important in car wrapping, because it is likely that the vinyl will become unusable after incorrect application. Due to the high cost of the cast foil, incorrectly planned jobs can cost you.

Step 5.

The most important part is the bonding process. All we have to say here will be “the importance of practice”. Vinyl wrapping is a process that is completely practical based on the right techniques.

What experienced wrappers say about this are as follows;

  • Wet coating is good for novices, use solution
  • Start at the straightest center of the body
  • Fit the edges to size, never forget sloping surfaces
  • Apply with squeegee from top to down direction

Step 6.

Of course its not possible to finish the wrapping at once. There will be curved places and gaps between them. Stretching the foil and gluing it to the beveled edges using a heat gun is a very practical method. With the heat, the foil softens and releases itself, so it is important to heat the environment, it is not appropriate to cover the foil in the cold environment.

After gluing edges and curved surfaces with squeegee, retouching can be started.

Step 7.

No matter how much you pay attention, of course there may be air bubbles, which is natural. Don’t be afraid, bubbles are not as difficult to remove as modern cast foils are air-ducted. Using a smooth squeegee that does not scratch the foil, calmly remove bubbles from the foil.

Maybe this is the most enjoyable part. You will also check the details as you do quality control. The most important point here is the selection of squeegees used. If you stratch the foil because of the wrong squeegee selection, all your labor may go to waste.

We recommend you to choose the Alcantara Felt Edge Squeegee. It provides smooth apply on the foil and makes it functional with its dust-free feature, it has shown the highest level of performance even in metallic chrome foils.

Step 8.

When the whole process is over, you can cut the protruding foil pieces carefully with your utility knife and end the application. This process also has certain tricks. The use of cutting tape has become popular in recent days as there is a risk of scratching the vehicle hood when pressed too much. Easily cuts the foil without damaging the car, at the same time ensures fast results.